Quick Start!

1. To understand how it works: download a sample diary here.

2. Upload this sample.xlsx at the top of page. Statistics should now be printed.

How to write the diary

This is a simple program and no data are stored in some server anywhere. In fact no database is in use at all, its not needed.

Stay patient, when you got a hang of this it goes really fast to write your daily diary, way faster than all the phone and tablet apps.

Don't worry but the strangeness of all signs like *, < etc. For now, we go through it here, and it gets fast to get a hang of it.

In general use copy and paste heavily when you write your program, it will make it really fast to write it.

While reading this, open the sample.xlsx file in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc or other spreadsheet program that can handle .xlsx files.

Use the sample.xlsx file to write your own diary. Dont change the 2 first rows. (These rows will be treated differently by the program)

As you can see in the sample.xlsx file, there are 5 different classes: MEAL, BM, EXERCISE, OTHER AND DIVIDER classes.


Example: <Meal><Time>08:30<Tags>#probiotics*2 #romain_lettuce@green_leaves #yoghurt #raisins #applesauce #fiberoats #walnuts #green_tea <Portions>1<Comment>

Time => write when meal started.

Tags => Write products you have been eating. Start every tag with a # *2 means that two portions of that product was eaten.

@ is used to put more than one tag for a product. romain_lettuce is a type of green_leaves, and so is spinach. You don't have to use this feature but it will give the statistics more information.

Portions => this is the size of the whole meal. 1 Portion is for me a quite small one, one that my mother would eat.

Comments in program are completely voluntarly and not used by statistics


Example: <BM><Time>15:00<Tags>#complete<Size>3<Bristol>4 <Comment>Feel completely emptied afterwards. Great!

If you are not interested in your BMs dont use this class, the program will not mind.

If you ARE interested, their will be stats about which food lets you have complete BMs and which not. Also it will say which food make you hard or loose (Bristol Scale, look it up on the Internet).

Inside tags use #incomplete and #complete, the program will use these for statistics.

Size is currently not used by statistics, but might be good for your own information. Use it if you want to.

Put the Bristol nr you have experienced (1-7). If you are not interested in this, no problem just let it be a Integer number and disregard that part of statistics later


Example: <Exercise><Time>19:00<Tags>#running<Intensity>3/5<Comment>20 min. Average speed.

Write intensity as a number divided by another number. 3/5 means 60% intensity. At current intensity is not used in statistics but it will be later.


Example: <Other><Time>12:00<Tags>#black_tea #coffee #lactose_free_milk*2<Comment>

This class is for products and tags that doesn't fit elsewhere, for example a-drinks-only-meal. Or #stress or other feelings. These tags will be used in similar ways fo statistics as in meal


Example: <Divider><Time>06:10<after>3.5<Comment>

This is an THE essential class for statistics score.

Score is meaning to show how well you feel based on your condition.

Time is from when the score should be used.

<after> refers to that after this time 3.5 will be the score. I personally use a score from 0.0 to 5.0. But you can use any positive range you want.

N.B. Always save your file in .xlsx format. Thats the only format this program can handle!

How to read the statistics

When you have uploaded your .xlsx diary you will come to a page that shows the score for the products you have been eaten and other tags you have been writing(like running, drinks, stress etc)

Tag Name

This is the food, drink, feeling or excersise you have put into MEAL, OTHER, EXCERCISE classes

Avg Score

This is the average score over a 24 hours (this is not possible to change right now, but will be in the future) period after the tags. The score is based on the DIVIDER class. The better score, the better the product is for you. The longer diary you have, the better. It is also good if you have written many days at a time. Only the tags that have 24 hours of diary after it will be taken into account (i.e. tags at end of diary or end of time period will not be used for statistics).


This means that you have been eating 1 portion (portion of Meal) or less for at least 30 hours (you will be able to change this in the future). Likewise, %2PortionsAndLess% means you have been eating 2 portions or less. The score is based on the hours after these 30 initial hours (up to the point you have a bigger meal). The quantity for this group refers to hours, not number of times as for the other tags.

CompleteBM Score

This is based on BM class, and #complete and #incomplete tags inside there (see sample.xlsx). If 1 -> this tags give 100% of the times it occur complete bms. if 0 -> 0%.

This is currently based on BMs 30 hours after tag. This will be possible to change in the future.

Avg Bristol

Gives Bristol between 1 and 7, so you can see which tags make you harder or looser.


Simply means the number of times tag is counted for (milk*2 is counted as 2 times). Note that this doesn't have to mean that it is the same number that you have in your diary. The tags at the end of the diary (<24 hours) will not be counted for, because it will not be possible to put a avg score on them. Also if you have interruptions in the diary and don't write for a couple of days, the tags immidiately before the interruption will not be taken into account for the same reason.


This is a work in progress and I would appreciate your help in making it better.

If you have suggestions, please contact me: foodanalyzer@outlook.com.


I have IBS myself. It has been frustrating for me through the years to go through all the diary material and try to find out not only triggers but also what makes me good (equally important!). There are so many things one eat and do, and the tummy is very irregular. It makes it very difficult and time consuming trying to figure it all out. Also the IBS apps on app store etc has let me very dissapointed. A diary is not supposed to be written in a phone or tablet - it takes to much time! Thats why i wrote Food Analyzer, it goes really fast to write in Excel or other spreadsheet.

The first version of this program was uploaded 2017-02-24.

I wish you good luck with your symptoms! /Johan Lund, Stockholm.